Our Partners

Thank you to our wonderful partners:

El Salvador:
Centro de Investigaciones Tropicales (CATIE)
National Association of Salvadoran Cooperatives (CONFRAS)
Fundacion Agape
Ministry of Natural Resources
Parque Nacional Plan de Amayo, El Salvador
Parque Nacional La Joya
Parque Nacional El Imposible
Center for Attention for Lactating Women (CALMA)
Iniciative for the Americas Fund (FIAES)
Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

National Fund for Agriculture (FONAGRO)
Ministry of Agriculture
Instituto Nacional de Bosques (INAB)
Programa Reverdecer, Guatemala
Municipality of Flores, Peten
United Nations Development Program Small Grants Program
Commission for Protected Areas Management (CONAP)
Alimentos Nutri-Naturales
Fundacion Rigoberta Menchu
Ramon Femenino

Article 29 Organization
Sadhana Forest

World Neighbors, Honduras
Heifer Project International
Honduran Fund for Agriculture Research (FHIA)
Promotion for the Rational use of Natural Resources
Proyecto Reserva Biosfera Rio Platano, Honduras
Lancetilla Botanic Garden
Agrolibano Foundation

University of Guadalajara
Chiapas University of Arts and Sciences (UNICACH)
National Forest Commission (CONAFOR)
National Commision for Protected Areas (CONANP)
Oxcutzkab Rural Development Education Brigade, Yucatán
Center for Technological Studies 140-Michoacan
South Coast University Center
University of Guadalajara
Jaguar Alliance, Nayarit
Mexican Center for Rural and Urban Transformation (AMEXTRA, Chiapas)
National Commission for Art and Culture (CONACULTA)
Papalote Children’s Museum
Xanath Ecological Park
Family Development Institute (DIF)
University of México (UNAM)
Mexican Social Security Regional Hospital (IMSS)
University of Yucatan (UADY)
Maya Laakeech Foundation
Vallarta Botanic Gardens
University of Morelos (UAEM),
Center for Tropical Research (CITRO)
Indigenous Center for Nutrition and Environment (CINE)
McGill University, Canada
Center for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA)
Canada-Latin America and the Caribbean Research Exchange Grants program (LACREG) Alternativas, A.C.
Solar Household Enegy (SHE-INC.)

University of Central America, Nicaragua
Feed the Hungry, Nicaragua
Municipalities of Chinandega, Cinco Pinos and San Pedro del Norte, Nicaragua
LIDER, Nicaragua
Asociacion de Productoras “Flor de Ojoche”, Nicaragua
Asociacion de Productoras PROJOCHE Cinco Pinos y San Pedro Nicaragua
Ministry of Natural Resources (MARENA)
Ministry of Forests (MAGFOR)
Mesoamerican Information Systems (SIMAS)
United Nations Development Program Small Grants Program

El Pilar Forest Gardens
Anabel Ford

Azuero Earth Project

URKU Estudios Amazonicos, Peru

Fundacion Nativa
Biomimicry Europa