Help Miskito Children Weather the Storm

Drought-Hardy “Food Forests” To Help Miskito Children Weather the Storm

Nicaragua’s Miskito communities are hit by droughts, storm, floods and hurricanes. To roll back deforestation, restore wild game, and deliver better nutrition for 2,500 children, MASAGNI will use an award to cultivate Maya Nut trees. The nutrition-rich Maya Nut will generate five million pounds of food a year, improving health and local incomes.

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To establish 120 hectares of Maya Nut “food forests” in 25 Miskito communities, with production potential of 5 million pounds of food per year, worth $3 million per year, and carbon-dioxide sequestration of 125,000 metric tons over 30 years. To improve the nutritional status of at least 2,500 Miskito children. To restore wild game populations (deer, peccaries, tapirs, and fish) and protect 30 miles of rivers from flooding and erosion…


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