Maya Nut Institute

Finding Balance Between People, Food and Forests

Maya Nut Institute has been working since 2001 to educate rural and indigenous women in Latin America and the Caribbean about the Maya Nut for food and income. This results in an immediate interest in conservation and reforestation of Maya Nut forests. Maya Nut is a nutritious, delicious rainforest tree seed that was once a staple food for ancient cultures but is now threatened with extinction due to forest conversion for crops and cattle. Maya Nut is a massive drought-resistant tree which produces up to 800 pounds of seed a year while protecting soils, water, and wildlife.

Our work focuses on women as caretakers of the family and the environment. 99% of the beneficiaries of our educational and income opportunities are women because money in the hands of women goes directly to improve conditions for their families and the environment upon which we all depend. 

Maya Nut Institute is a free and open source of information about Maya Nut for consumers, buyers, farmers, nutritionists, and philanthropists. 

Welcome and please feel free to contact us if you are a buyer or want more information about the Maya Nut. 

For Buyers

Maya Nut Institute offers certified whole Maya Nut seed to buyers worldwide.

Our seed is produced by women’s cooperatives in Guatemala and Nicaragua and is harvested from natural forests. Maya Nut Institute always pays fair prices to our producers and we test every lot for mold, fungus, bacteria, and heavy metals.

We maintain an “open access” policy with our documents, materials, photos, manuals, and other information.

This is in keeping with our goal of sharing any and all knowledge about Maya Nut with as many people as possible as quickly as possible. If you are visiting this website and use information from it, please be considerate and cite as the source. This will help inform more people about us and our work with the end result being increased conservation and reforestation of Maya Nut for the future.